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Day 5 warming up the legs

Day 4 in a row has been accomplished and here we are at day 5, it's been epic so far, to say the least. Yesterday was quite a nice day filled with a bit of headwind and some nice cool weather. Annika and I set out to reach Chandler by bike from Scottsdale and she … Continue reading Day 5 warming up the legs

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Day 4 warming legs

It's day 4 of our daily bike riding adventures and we're getting our coffee and oatmeal in before we head out on today's ride. Yesterday was an awesome time so today we are aiming to have the same kind of a day if not better as Annika and I attempt to take our mountain bikes … Continue reading Day 4 warming legs

Adventure riding on my Mountain Bike tomorrow

It's been an interesting week to say the least especially with my running into finding a huge ball of Stans in my road bike tire. After finding this oversized mess in my tired after weeks of questioning the wobble in my tire I glad I looked for myself, doing some digging We found other things … Continue reading Adventure riding on my Mountain Bike tomorrow