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Day 2 warming up my legs

Yesterday was day 1 and it was epic, to say the least. John and I went out to Paradise Valley where we tackled the big hills, we took it all nice and slow while we worked on getting our muscles back in shape. One of the hills we climbed yesterday was a 13.8 gradient in … Continue reading Day 2 warming up my legs

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Day 1 warming up my legs

In preparation for 2019's goal to ride 25,000 miles in a single year, I'm gonna start warming my legs up each day with a little ride. At this time until the new year, I've to ride a little each day without missing a day; that in itself is a hard task. Over the last few … Continue reading Day 1 warming up my legs

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Yesterday we started learning how to fit bikes hands on.

For several months we've been growing our tool collection while daily educating ourselves on bike mechanics and bike fitting. When we started riding we were given the basic information of letting our foot set on the pedal a certain way and it will tell us if the seat is high or low; well that's basic … Continue reading Yesterday we started learning how to fit bikes hands on.

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Our shirts are available for Pre-Order

It's Official! We've started setting up to manufacture our own merchandise. Over the last few months, we've worked towards setting up our own screen printing and merch office. Currently, we're able to screen print our own shirts and a few other items, by the New Year we will be able to not also print full-color … Continue reading Our shirts are available for Pre-Order

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We visited Pivot Cycles Yesterday

Yesterday we visited Pivot Cycles thanks to Tiffany, Ben, Tim and many other awesome people there. We were going to test ride a Pivot Vault in my size which isn't in stock so Ben (Pivot Staff) was going to bring in his "Mike Hall" (green) Pivot Vault for me to check out. When we arrived … Continue reading We visited Pivot Cycles Yesterday